Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hi From Our Library

" Everything we work, make it as the interesting place "

The library of SMP - SMA KRISTA MITRA is located in the second floor of study center building between SMA building and SMP building, or we called it as Gedung Pusat Study, where the audio visual room is also located. It is a relatively big library, or about 17 meters x 19 meters to be exact. In order to interest students, our library was designed as comfortable as possible. It has some big windows, which give the students a fresh air and enough light. Beside that, they can also hear the birds singing while studying or reading in the library, or see Ungaran Mountain in far away.

Here are some general information about our library. There are 3 study rooms or to study carol, and each room has 4 desks. There also some other reading desks in a spacious and comfortable reading room. In being the time, teachers may booked the library as moving class to find many things students need as reference. Until now, we have 7169 exemplars book which consist of 3375 tittle books. It is still limited! We have also 7240 exemplars book which consist of 56 tittle books from The Goverment. We called it as “Buku Paket“. The students can borrow Buku Paket for one the school year. In the average, we got 2307 guests per month or 115 guests per day. We also give a bibliography reference for students who is working and research scientific study. We got our book from some sources, sometimes we got them by buying, as a present, or gifts from the students. By this early year, there is internet access in our school which can be accessed wireless around the school. We have few computers also in our library to internet access.

Usually the libraries in Indonesia give impression of tighten and old, with the fierce librarians. Some students think that library is not interesting place, and make them bored. That is what make them choose not to go to the library. They just do not realize that is many benefit they can take from library. According to that case above we have the idea to change images of library, especially the Krista Mitra library. We will make the difference so that the library of Krista Mitra look good in the student's point a view. Good means, an interesting place, fun, comfortable, modern, and many kinds of books. But I realize is not an easy think to do. I just have to understand what the students really want and think for a library!

In being the time, many the Indonesian students have less desire to read books, to be honest so do the students in Krista Mitra. That is way we are challenged to work hard to bring motivations and inovations, so that our students can use library the way it is. In this case we can not work by our self, so we coorperate with teachers, parents, our foundation (YPKKM - Yayasan Pendidikan Kristen Krista Mitra); certain institutions such as book stores (like TB. Gramedia), publishing (like Gramedia, and Yayasan Obor Indonesia), social foundations, and the other school.

In the future, I also have vision that the library of Krista Mitra and another institutions (of course with our sister school also, GVGS - Goulburn Valley Grammar School) can coorperate in exchange information from time to time quickly and easily by internet access. This is including vision that the library to become The Technology Centre of Krista Mitra. It could also become The International Centre of Krista Mitra with large section of resources on GVGS and other international linkages. And who knows - it is could be “University and Careers” with resources from Indonesian and overseas universities.

Finally, we can not wait the students or people come to the library, we have to be proactive at first. Actually its one of our duties as librarian, and for that we are here as a librarian.....

"...Being a librarian is a tough job, but somebody has to do it..."

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