Monday, April 20, 2009


In the last Easter when we visited my parents in law, we got "Bird Nest" cookies with our brew. They are very cute, yummy and crunchy! Actually those were just Corn Flakes Chocolate, but my mother in law put 3 of little chocolate eggs on top during Easter session. So yeah, it looks like bird nest! Ha ha!

I asked the recipe then, and here the recipe from my mother in law but with my own creation for topping! He he... You might make your own creation too for topping with another colourful candies or chocolate decorations or whatever sessional occasion decorations. Give it a try! ;)

  • bar of chocolate, I'm using 400gr Cadbury Chocolate
  • 10g butter
  • 1 small box Corn Flakes, I'm using 150gr Corn Flakes
    • HOW TO COOK :
      1. Boil a pot of water
      2. Break the chocolate and add butter into another smaller pot
      3. Melt the butter and chocolate in the pot by putting it on the pot of boiling water
      4. Stir well till they become smooth
      5. Remove from the pot of water
      6. Pour the corn flakes in and coat well with chocolate
      7. Place corn flakes on wax paper or paper cup
      8. Chill them. Best eaten when it's cold!
        *) If you find your melted chocolate too thick, add more butter. The amount of melted chocolate here is enough for 1 1/2 small boxes of corn flakes.

        *)You can coat bananas, strawberries, marshmallows, etc too! Just make sure your fruits are not wet otherwise the chocolate won't stick to them.

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